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New Year's Eve Update, Alberta Restrictions Update and Hours Change

Merry Christmas Eve!

The Alberta Government has mandated that as of December 25th 2021 our hours of operation for the foreseeable future are defined by the following:

  • Limit of 10 people maximum per table. No mingling between tables.

  • No interactive activities (For example: dancing, darts, billiards)

  • Liquor service ends at 11pm and must close at 12:30am.

So for New Year's Eve 2022 we will still be hosting Black Tie Bingo but with some updates.

-The event will no longer be ticketed! It is now first-come first serve - reservations reccomended!

-Prizes will be given out in a specific order and will be announced on our facebook page later this week as we procure them.

-The balloon drop is off (sorry!)

Last call for food & drinks will be at 11pm.

Please call or email us for questions and to book your table!

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