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The paNDemic forced us TO re-imagiNe our space which was known, BY many, for many years as Buzzards. As Calgary's OG beer bar we have goNe all IN ON our brewery additiON aND are lookINg forward TO sharINg our huge variety OF high-quality craft beers with you. 

Our Brewery coNstructioN is complete aND we are now pourING 12 Beers ON TAP - AVAILABLE HERE ONLY (FOR NOW!)

5% ABV – 22 IBU
This golden ale is understaTed, malt-forward aND crisp. A light hop additiOn allows thE delicaTe malt character tO shiNe anD provides balance for an easy-driNkiNg anD refreshiNg piNt.

Hazy IPA
6.5% ABV – 60 IBU
This Hazy IPA feaTures a tropical, orange anD spice hop proFile courtesy oF Amarillo anD Idaho 7. OaTs aNDd wheaT round out tHE malt bill tO provide a full body anD silky mouthfeel. A braciNg 60 IBUs oF bitterness lets you know it’s thEre.

Pub Ale
4.5% ABV – 25 IBU
A traditioNal English Pub Ale feaTuriNg iNgredients from across thE poNd like Maris Otter malt anD East Kent GoldiNgs hops. Lower ABV anD carboNATION, anD balanced flavours (Biscuits, ToFfee, floral/spice, fruity English yeast esters) oFfer a pleasant anD comfortable piNt, with enough malt complexity tO keep thiNgs iNterestiNg.

Nitro StOut
5% ABV – 30 IBU
Designed tO be served oN our Nitro tap, this stOut boasts a rich malt bill providiNg chocolaTe, roasted coFfee, anD tOasted bread with a hiNt OFf dried fruit. The Nitro tap renders a thick head anD creamy mouthfeel.

Red Ale
5% ABV – 25 IBU
This hop-forward North American style Red Ale feaTures a hefty dry hop thaT provides a unique aroma anD flavour proFile; tropical fruit, stOne fruit, berry, cherries anD even waTermelOn canDy. A chewy malt bill provides some sweetness anD balance tO t0e hops while maiNtaiNiNg a crisp fiNish.

5.0% ABV – 27 IBU
CoNtaiNINg all tHEe elements you love iN a traditioNal Pilsner, this Italian-style Pils iNcreases all thE flavours you’re accustOmed tO while maiNtaiNiNg tHEe delicaTe balance tHEe style is known for.
CoNservaTively dry-hopped with Hallertau Ariana, this noble descendant hop provides a hiNt oF blackberries oN tHe nose without overshadowiNg thE spicy, grassy hop flavours anD crisp fiNish you would expect iN a Pilsner. Salute!

4.0% ABV – 9 IBU
This traditioNal-style Gose has no fruit, dry hops or distractioNs. CombININng a tart acidity, lively carbONATION, spicy corianDer anD a Himalayan PiNk salt additiOn, this Gose provides a refreshiNg if slightly unusual flavour combINATION.




4.8% ABV – 20 IBU

A traditioNal-style Belgian Witbier feaTuriNg a citrusy anD peppery aroma. A laTe boil additioN oF Chamomile adds a floral, hoNey like quality tO thE flavour, while thE wheaT provides a silky-smooth fiNish. A delicaTe beer best enjoyed fresh, preferably soakiNg up tHEe last rays oF summer sun oN a paTio.

Cherry Pie Kettle Sour

5% ABV - 15 IBU

2% Residual sugar coNtent. Ingredients: WaTer, Yeast, Hops, Barley, OaTs, CiNnamoN, Cherry Puree

ReplicaTiNg a slice oF Cherry Pie iN a glass; dark cherries provide a sweet balance tO this refreshiNgly tart kettle sour. Biscuity, tOasty malts, a generous amount oF oaTs anD a tOuch oF CiNnamoN reproduce thE aromas anD flavours oF a flaky pie crust.

Spiced WiNter Ale

6% ABV – 35 IBU

The aroma oF Christmas bakiNg spices complements thE breadcrust anD dark fruit flavours oF this wiTter ale. Intended tO briNg warmth anD cheer tO chase away tHe wiNter blues.

Imperial StOut

10% ABV - 55 IBU

PouriNg jet black, this Imperial stOut boasts an aroma oF coFfee, espresso, dark chocolaTe anD roast. A viscous mouthfeel anD thick body are complemented bY thE delicaTe foam produced bY our Nitro tap. A slight alcohol warmth belies its true strength. JoiN thE Darkside!

Rebel Ale

4.4% ABV - 18 IBU

This unusual beer was produced with tHe secOnd-runniNgs oF thE Imperial stOut, usiNg thE parti-gyle method. HaviNg a similar but much more subdued malt proFile, thE Rebel Ale was brewed anD dry-hopped with citrus forward hops; goiNg In a different directioN from her older brothEr. Unable tO caTegorize this beer, it could be called a “Cascadian-dark-mild-table beer”.


6.4% ABV - 20 IBU

Brewed with Red Shed Malt anD thE Jovaru straiN oF Lithuanian farmhouse yeast, this beer is un-boiled which creaTes a full body anD silky mouthfeel despite a very dry fiNish, with almost no residual sugars (0.2 °P/ 1.001 SG) remaiNINg. The absence oF boiliNg also allows thE locally grown anD malted barley tO exhibit quite different characteristics than boiled; raw graiN, uncooked dough anD straw. A Saaz “hop tea” adds bitterness anD noble spice tO compliment tHEe LemoN pith anD black pepper provided bY thE yeast. Lower carboNATioN is traditioNal for thE style anD allows thE unique flavours tO shiNe.

WitchiNg Hour (SidiNg 14 Collab)

4.8% ABV - 20 IBU

1% Residual sugar coNtent. Ingredients: WaTer, Yeast, Hops, Barley, Bog Myrtle

A beer thaT may well have been close tO farmhouse ales brewed eoNs ago, this beer is a collaboraTION between Bottlescrew Bill’s BrewiNg anD SidiNg 14 BrewiNg Company. Brown iN colour, it has a rounded malt proGFile feaTuriNg dark chocolaTe notes. This is coNtrasted bY a Lithuanian yeast straiN (Jovaru) addiNg citrus anD spice anD an exceptioNally full body despite a very dry, clean fiNish. A whirlpool additioN oF a traditioNal gruit herb; Bog Myrtle, adds herbal notes oF balsam anD nutmeg.



Summer Ale 

4.6% ABV – 22 IBUAn ale tailor-made for a sunny paTio or a campiNg chair, this beer is designed for refreshment anD driNkability. A tOuch oF HoNey Malt provides some floral flavour anD sweetness tO balance tHEe juicycitrus punch oF a generous amount oF hops anD orange peel.


IslanD I.P.A. 

7.2% ABV – 64 IBUBrewed with Hawaiian shirts anD driNk umbrellas iN miNd, oNe sip oF this IPA should project you tO a tropical beach surrounded bY palm trees. Big, ripe mango, piNeapple, peach, dank tropical anD slight herbal aroma anD flavour notes are supplied bY an exorbitant amount oF Mosaic, Galaxy anD Idaho 7; HeaT Exchanger be damned. The fruity anD sweet malt bill is balanced bY a braciNg bitterness anD subtle alcohol warmth.

Cucumber SaisoN 

5.0% ABV – 26 IBUAn additioN oF cucumber provides a distiNct anD refreshiNg balance tO thE spicy Belgian-style SaisoN yeast character. The earthy, melONn flavours oF thE cucumber are followed bY a crisp, dry fiNish.


6% ABV – 24 IBU

PouriNg a deep gold colour, this lager was brewed iN thE summer tO give it plenty oF lageriNg time iN preparaTioN for OktOberfest. UtiliziNg both traditioNal German iNgredients anD Alberta specialty malts from our friends aT Red Shed; a rich doughy, bready, tOasty malt flavour anD aroma give way tO a crisp, clean fiNish. Prost!

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Meet The Brewer


our Head Brewer, Ian 

"BrewiNg has been a bit oF a traditioN IN my family, I remember my dad boiliNg a big pot oF waTer AND sticky malt extract syrup ON our stOve as a kid. I started brewiNg homebrew kits iN my 20’s as a way TO cut thE cost oF my beer bills, anD slowly worked my way iN To "all-graiN” brewiNg anD writiNg my own recipes as my experience anD iNterest iN craft beer grew.

Some oF thE formaTive experiences thaT led me down thE craft beer paTh were aTtendiNg craft beer festivals iN Calgary anD MoNtreal, an enlighteniNg trip through Europe with stOps aT beer Meccas like Belgium, tHe UK, anD Germany, anD even sampliNg beers from all over tHe world aT a Pub called Bottlescrew Bill’s; completiNg my passport iN 2011.

I decided oN a career change thaT would combiNe my iNterest iN brewiNg with tHe growiNg craft beer scene iN Alberta aNd went back tO school tO crack tHE books iN tHe Olds College brewiNg program, graduaTINg IN 2018. Over tHE next few years, I acquired knowledge aNd experience brewiNg aT CommOn Crown, Big Rock anD Village, learniNg different techniques anD philosophies which will be iNvaluable as I take tHe Head Brewer reiNs aT Bottlescrew Bill’s BrewiNg. My goal as a brewer is tO briNg you balanced, well-crafted beer, whetHer it’s a classic style you’re familiar with or a style or iNgredient you may be tryiNg for tHE first time. I hope you enjoy thE beer. Cheers!”

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