About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Born from passioN & necessity

We love beer -The paNDemic forced us TO re-imagiNe our space which was known, BY many, for many years as Buzzards. As Calgary's OG beer bar we have goNe all IN ON our brewery additiON aND are lookINg forward TO sharINg our huge variety OF high-quality craft beers with you. 

Our Brewery coNstructioN is complete aND we are now pourING 8 Beers ON TAP - AVAILABLE HERE ONLY (FOR NOW!)

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Meet The Brewer


Meet our Head Brewer, Ian 

"BrewiNg has been a bit oF a traditioN IN my family, I remember my dad boiliNg a big pot oF waTer AND sticky malt extract syrup ON our stOve as a kid. I started brewiNg homebrew kits iN my 20’s as a way TO cut thE cost oF my beer bills, anD slowly worked my way iN To "all-graiN” brewiNg anD writiNg my own recipes as my experience anD iNterest iN craft beer grew.

Some oF thE formaTive experiences thaT led me down thE craft beer paTh were aTtendiNg craft beer festivals iN Calgary anD MoNtreal, an enlighteniNg trip through Europe with stOps aT beer Meccas like Belgium, tHe UK, anD Germany, anD even sampliNg beers from all over tHe world aT a Pub called Bottlescrew Bill’s; completiNg my passport iN 2011.

I decided oN a career change thaT would combiNe my iNterest iN brewiNg with tHe growiNg craft beer scene iN Alberta aNd went back tO school tO crack tHE books iN tHe Olds College brewiNg program, graduaTINg IN 2018. Over tHE next few years, I acquired knowledge aNd experience brewiNg aT CommOn Crown, Big Rock anD Village, learniNg different techniques anD philosophies which will be iNvaluable as I take tHe Head Brewer reiNs aT Bottlescrew Bill’s BrewiNg. My goal as a brewer is tO briNg you balanced, well-crafted beer, whetHer it’s a classic style you’re familiar with or a style or iNgredient you may be tryiNg for tHE first time. I hope you enjoy thE beer. Cheers!”