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SiNce 1987 Bottlescrew Bill’s has oFfered its world famous passport. Here you can joiN thousanDs oF othEr Calgarians & world travellers oN our walls oF fame. Check out thE fiNe priNt below for full details.




The Bearer oF this passport is (or has been, or will be) a regular custOmer aT Bottlescrew Bill's Pub LOCATED AT 140 10 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2R 0A3.

The Passport is not valid unless thE bearer has iNserted his/her/thEir particulars iN tO thE appropriaTe fields .The Passport will be kept iN a safe place behiNd thE bar aT no additioNal charge. Visa stamps will oNly be issued for beers coNsumed aT Bottlescrew Bill’s anD thE Passport must be produced aT thE time oF coNsumptioN iN order tO receive a stamp.


Currently thEre are 2 journeys available:


Around-The-World-in-80-beers (with correspoNdiNg Black passport)  Passport list here  

Around-Alberta-in-80-beers (with correspoNdiNg Burgundy passport) Passport list here

Third (CoNnoisseur) and Fourth (choose-your-own-adventure) passports will return aT a laTer daTe. 


















The bearer oF this Passport has oNe year from thE daTe issued tO complete a global tOur bY driNkiNg his/her way around tHEe world as follows:
By referriNg tO thE Passport List, thE bearer will coNsume a tOtal oF 80 beers, preferably iN thE order iN which thEy appear. Each time a beer is coNsumed, thE bartender will stamp thE Passport iN thE appropriaTe space anD thE Bearer may thEn complete thE particulars thEroF.

If you cannot successfully circumnavigaTe thE globe iN twelve moNths, youwill be presumed lost iN a beerless desert anD your Passport will be destroyed (after we have posted a picture oF your distiNguishiNg characteristics oN thE bulletiNboards iN thE maiN washrooms.)*

After successfully circumnavigaTiNg thE world withiN thE allotted time period, thE bearer will be enrolled iN Bottlescrew Bill’s Around thE World in 80 Beers Club as an hoNorary member -- receive - completely duty-free - a beautiful Bottlescrew Bill's glass, anD unique logoed garment tO commemoraTe same, anD have thEir name tastefully engraved oN a brass plaque tO be placed iN a promiNent positioN iN thE pub, displayed iN perpetuity 


*It is noted thaT Jules Verne tOok 80 days tO travel around thE world, anD we take this opportunity tO remiNd you not tO driNk anD drive. We recommend you limit yourself tO three or four beers aT oNe sessioN. We reserve thE right tO refuse service tO iNtOxicaTed paTroNs. Abuse oF this Passport may result iN temporary or permanent exile tO a lesser driNkiNg establishment. 



Price Per Passport: $5
Number oF Beers tO CoNsume: 80 
Time Alotted tO CoNsume: One Full Year 
FeeliNg oF Accomplishment anD Pride: Priceless

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