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March 27th Update/Check In

It has been quite some time since our last post and we are busy so this update is going to be quick!

Flames ticket giveaways - still on til the end of the season - fingers crossed they can come through with some big wins and sneak into the playoffs

Green Line Construction - FOR CARS GETTING HERE 1st street SW will only have 1 northbound traffic lane open for the next 6.5 weeks (fully open Friday May 12th apparently...) So if you're coming here in a vehicle heading southbound, eastbound or westbound, you are good.

PEDESTRIANS - as far as we know, all pedestrian access is open - however there will for sure be some detours.

BINGO and TRIVIA - every other week but May will be wonky. Will be posting that up on our events page next week here.

Lots of new BEERS coming up - Blackberry Lemon Sour is available now :)

Patios - open, heated, covered - bring your dogs!

Happy Hour - sadly after about 6 years - our 3,4,5 HH is coming to an end. Stay tuned for announcement coming later this week.

Back soon


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