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New Restrictions etc.

On Tuesday, the government of Alberta placed new restrictions on the entire province in an attempt to reduce the amount of cases of Covid19. At Bottlescrew Bill's, the health & safety of our staff and customers is paramount. We will continue to go above and beyond with our protocols to help keep all of us as safe as possible.

Please note that as of Friday November 27th the following new restrictions are in place:

  • - a maximum of 6 people from the same immediate household at a table and no movement between tables

  • -only seated eating & drinking is permitted. no other services such as games or darts are permitted

  • -people who live alone can meet with up to 2 non-household contacts as long as they're the same two throughout the duration of these restrictions.

For more information from the government of Alberta click here.

As of this news, we will be postponing our Bingo, Trivia and other events. The dartboard, pacman table, pinball machine & shuffleboard will be closed until further notice.

Drink Beer Day, American Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials will still be in effect.

You can still finish your passport from the comfort of your own home by going onto (Or by coming in!) All beers are laid out in the same order as on the passport so you don't have to cross reference them. Passports are available for pickup at anytime.

We also have customizable BEER ADVENT CALENDARS for purchase, new COMBOS, Cocktail kits and have some great Christmas gift packs being launched next week as well.

Thank you for your continued support at this time and we look forward to seeing you and your household soon!

-Geoff & The BSB team

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