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March 2nd 2021 - Where the heck did the time go?

Well it has been a whole year of pandemic but who wants to hear about that anymore!?

Recently we have been featured in two publications:

Avenue Magazine and Flagship February!

Check out the links below to hear more about how we got started and what we have been up to over the past 4 decades!

We have the following events and features upcoming:

MARCH! $5.71 GUINNESS all month long! Since we can't properly celebrate St. Patrick's day you can get a 12oz glass of Guinness for $6 (tax included) all of March.


Virtual Trivia Wednesday March 4th at 730pm

Join us online or bring your device and play from your seat at the pub here. Pairs perfectly with Guinness 🙃

Hosted online by BK of Send It Entertainment from his "office"

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 827 6929 9846

Passcode: 123


Online bingo instructions:

Participants will need to click on the zoom link to be able to see our shared screen, and instead of the guests going to and entering a game pin, they will need to click on the bingo card link to get their virtual bingo cards from their second device.

Each click of the link will give the player 2 bingo cards, when they click the link they will need to enter their name, once they enter their name those two cards are associated with that name.

Enter your full name in the Bingo Card. If you leave the game, and come back, you just need to enter the name again and you get your card again.


We will be playing W.I.N.G.S not B.I.N.G.O, because it is WING NIGHT!

We will do two rounds, each round will have two patterns. Pattern #1 will be for $10 and pattern #2 will be for $20. And of course we will use BK's best friend the -random number generator- for more random prize draws!

WHEN YOU GET A BINGO - make sure your zoom screen is turned ON, unmute yourself and yell BINGO so we know who we lost to!

Zoom link and bingo card link to be posted closer to the event :)

Trivia - March 24th 730pm

Bingo - March 31st 730pm

FLAMES GAMES All shown with sound - hoping for some consistency from those guys yeeeesh!

$5 Banded Peak Mt Crushmore Pilsner (12oz)

$3 Shot of the week (1oz)


It is with great sadness that our 27th Annual Beer Festival will no longer proceed as usual on the first Saturday of March. We have spent months trying to come up with ideas & plans to bring something to you that would be similar, however nothing can truly replicate the feeling and vibe of our festival without all of you here. Hopefully we can host something similar in the fall, if/when the public health guidelines change, and it is safe to do so.

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