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Attention Flames Fans!

1 hour before every home game, we are drawing for 2 FREE tickets on our Flames field trip!

On a flames game day we are now featuring

$4 Fireball (1oz) $5 Banded Peak Mount Crushmore Pilsner (12oz) $7 Banded Peak Fired Up cans (473ml)

Our game schedule for the season is: Tuesday November 9th vs Nashville Thursday December 9th vs San Jose Tuesday December 21st vs Anaheim Tuesday Jan 11th vs NY Islanders Monday Jan 24th vs St. Louis Tuesday March 8th vs Washington Friday March 18th vs Buffalo Tuesday March 29th vs Colorado Thursday April 21st vs Dallas

All you have to do is be here an hour before puck drop on games the Flames play at home!

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Henry Ohakwe
Henry Ohakwe
Mar 02, 2022

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