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Buzzards 40th & Bottlescrew Bill's 35th Anniversaries!


October 12th 2020, for immediate release

Re: 40th Anniversary of Buzzards Restaurant & Wine Bar, 35th Anniversary of Bottlescrew Bill's Pub,

Serving over 300 beers in an iconic (and almost historical) local pub, 140 10th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta

Contact: Geoffrey Allan, General Manager, cell: 403 991 1303,

"Although there isn't much to celebrate in this unfortunate year, we couldn't let these significant milestones go by without some sort of commemoration" said Geoff Allan, General Manager of his family's long-standing restaurant and bar in downtown Calgary. "My parents Stuart & Colleen Allan started at this same location in the fall of 1980 with a small 60-seat Wine Bar, and were successful enough to take over the old Calgary Press Club space next door five years later (when I was one year old!). They called the new bar "Bottlescrew Bill's Old Ale and Port House" and it too has made it's mark."

"We are thankful to be able to acknowledge the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the founding of Bottlescrew Bill's Pub, along with the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company, with some examples of the food and drink items from our archived menus. And as a way of thanking all our customers and friends who have visited us over the years we are pleased to have 1980s pricing as well. For example, Quiche Lorraine (yes, it was a popular dish in 1982) will be on the menu, along with Teriyaki Chicken and Mama's Lasagna, all for only $5.95, and Cheesecake for only $2.95. Our house beer since 1987, Buzzard Breath Ale, will be $2.95/glass, with glasses of wine for $3.95, and other drink specials."

The special "1980s Menu" is available Thursday through Sunday this week, October 15th to 18th only. Reservations are recommended, by phone (403 264 6959) or through the website:

"We do hope to see some old familiar faces, along with plenty of new ones, as we mark these milestones." said Jennifer Steward, who is Geoff's sister as well as Operations Manager at the family business. "The pandemic and lockdown have had a huge impact on our business and the entire restaurant and bar industry, but we are glad to share these old-school dishes and prices, and are cautiously optimistic about the future. We are looking forward to having a bigger celebration next year."

"Bottlescrew Bill's Pub and Buzzards Restaurant have served well over 2 million diners in the 40 years they have been at this same location. We couldn't have done it without the hard work and loyalty of incredible staff, amazing customers, terrific suppliers and a great landlord. Very many thanks to everyone, and we promise to have a larger party when it's safer to do so, hopefully next year." said Geoff and Jenn.

For more information contact:

Geoff Allan,  General Manager, Cell 403 991 1303, email:

Jennifer Steward, Operations manager, Cell 403 614 6456, email:

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