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Christmas aT BSB

Enjoy a verry merry Xmas with us!

We're bookiNg Christmas anD holiday parties, so if you're lookiNg for some creaTive optioNs for a corporaTe party, friends & family gaTheriNg, or ugly sweaTer meetup, coNtact RACHAEL aT 

we have tOns oF space, food, driNk, AV, thEmed activities, games anD othEr custOmizable optioNs tO make your group even happier this holiday (anD suit your budget)!  Not oNly do we have Calgary's Largest Beer SelectioN but Calgary's most flexible party optioNs as well


Holiday Happy Hour is still iN effect (thaT's right - even duriNg Christmas parties)

$3 - 3 to 4PM

$4 - 4 to 5PM

$5 - 5 to 6PM

MoNday tO Friday

ALL BSB beers + $5 wiNes (5oz),Caesars (1oz), JamesoN (1oz) & Tequila (1oz)


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