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Lots of new beers have arrived our first week of opening! Spectrum Birthday Cake (5%)

Snake Lake Ice Cutter Vanilla Latte Stout (5.9%)

Valley Brewing Mayday Cherry Smoothie Sour (4.2%)

Ale Architect Dream Sequence Saison with Peach (5.4%)

O.T. Penny Board Cranberry Sour (5.8%)

Vancouver Island Blackberry Export Stout (7.5%)

Petrus Nitro Cherry Chocolate Quad (8.5%)

Alhambra Reserva (6.4%)


Call us at 403.263.7900 for same day reservations


Showing all games with full audio in all areas of the pub

$5 Banded Peak - Mount Crushmore Pilsner (12oz)

$3 Shot-of-the-week (currently Fire Jack)


Will be open again once we get out of the polar vortex here (and into reasonably cold temperatures)


Since we can't beat the weather (or travel advisories) join us every Friday as we dream of escaping this winter for a beach somewhere! Featuring $10 Mai Tais (2oz) $5 Buzzard Breath Blonde (12oz) $12.95 Huli-Huli Chicken (with fries), Beachy tunes, & Island Vibes


We have added hi-balls to our 3,4,5 Happy Hour!

$3 from 3pm to 4pm

$4 from 4pm to 5pm

$5 from 5pm to 6pm

AND Jameson & Tequila are $5 from 3pm -6pm

TRIVIA - returns online (you can bring your laptop/phone if you'd like to play on our screens) next Wednesday the 17th at 730pm!

BINGO - returns online (you can bring your laptop/phone if you'd like to play on our screens) next next Wednesday the 24th at 730pm!

Please note that the host is not on the premises during bingo or trivia and is conducting those games virtually. There are no physical bingo cards or daubers either. More details to come!

Check back for more info early next week.


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